Friday, November 30, 2012

Flagship Application FAQs - Priority Deadline Dec. 1

Immerse Yourself in Chinese Language and Culture and Join the Next Generation of Global Professionals!

Priority Application Deadline for Spring 2013 Admission: December 1.


  1. I am a freshman.  Do I need to submit my URI transcript with my application?  No, please submit your high school transcript.  We will access your URI transcript on e-Campus after grades post before making our final decision.  
  2. The deadline is so soon.  Do I really need to submit three letters of recommendation?  Yes, one should be from your Chinese instructor.  The other two can be from a college professor, high school teacher, advisor, guidance counselor, coach, or employer.  
  3. Is December 1 the final application deadline?  No, December 1 is our priority deadline, which means that students who apply by that date will receive full consideration.  If space is available, other applications submitted prior to December 15 will be considered.
  4. If I am accepted, do I need to participate in the Flagship Winter Immersion Program?  Yes, please plan to be on campus for the Winter Immersion January 7-18, 2013.  More details will be sent directly to accepted students.
  5. If I am applying to Flagship, which Chinese course should I take in the spring?  If you are currently enrolled in CHN 101 or 102 and applying to Flagship,  contact Hsu Laoshi at for a permission number to register for CHN 112 in spring 2013.

Learn more at or contact Erin Papa at to set up an appointment.