Friday, January 25, 2013

Become a Chinese Course Coach! 2 Positions available.

Do you love Chinese? Are you a natural mentor or leader? Become a Chinese Course Coach!

A Chinese Course Coach is Chinese-language teaching assistant, tutor and mentor all combined. You help out as a teaching assistant in the classroom, you tutor students outside of class and you serve as a mentor both inside and outside the classroom.

Requirements: 5 hours/per week
  • Go to all non-Flagship 100-200 classes and help out in the classroom as needed
  • Hold tutoring hours open to all Chinese students
  • You are a Chinese major
  • You have completed at least two 300-level CHN courses or above with an A.
  • You have the experience of study abroad in China.
  • You have very good pronunciation!
  • You are currently taking Chinese. 
You will be paid for five hours of work a week.

Please send an email to Professor Wen Xiong ( with a very brief paragraph explaining why you would like to become a Course Coach by Monday Jan 28.