Friday, March 29, 2013

Graduating? Interested in Teaching English in China?

A school in China seeks English teachers.

Description of responsibilities
The candidate will:
  • Collaborate with the center’s academic director and develop a course description, course outline, project-based lesson plans, formative and summative assessments (including mid-term and final tests), and a digital portfolio of students’ work.
  • Teach no more than two different courses and work 40 hours per week, including 25 hours of classroom teaching.
  • Help students with study-abroad and related issues, such as check application requirements, prepare for all related tests, search for schools and majors, write personal statements and secure recommendations letters, etc.
  • Maintain regular communication with students, parents, colleagues and the center academic directors on individual student’s performance and the class in general. Pay special attention to the health and well-being of the students, and matters related to all programs and their requirements.
  • Follow procedures when dealing with student related developmental, health and emotional issues.
  • Deal with work-related internet communication with high level of professionalism. Must keep any information related to students, their families, and all customers private.
  • Assist Chinese colleagues in modifying traditional Chinese teaching methods. Create a cutting edge teaching strategy so that the students can master English in an advanced way; be well prepared for international competition and for studying abroad. Meanwhile, the candidate shall respect Chinese education system and form a partnership with Chinese colleagues.
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If you are interested, please contact Elsa Lo:

Elsa Lo
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