Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Job Posting: International Student Coordinator - School One, Providence

Job Title: International Student Coordinator
Organization: School One
Location: Providence, RI
Salary: $25/hr.
Start Date: July 8, 2013
Part Time

Job Description
School One, an independent high school located on the East Side of Providence, is seeking a part- time International Student Coordinator.  Responsibilities include recruiting and managing host family placements, coordinating school-sponsored international student orientation and social activities, collaborating with faculty on International students’ academic needs, and building a wide variety of supports to help the students fully integrate at School One.  The position requires communication with many different stakeholders: students, teachers, administrators, host families, community organizations, and translators.
For the upcoming school year, the coordinator will work with five Chinese students.  Three will be new to the school and two will be beginning their second year.  The position will require approximately 10 hours per week, though the schedule is somewhat flexible.  In future years, the position may expand if the number of students grows.
•       Excellent interpersonal skills, including cross-cultural awareness and a stance of respect
•       Excellent oral and written communication skills
•       Ability to work well in a collaborative environment
•       A problem-solving orientation
•       Strong organizational skills to handle a multi-faceted job
•       Experience with teens or young adults, ideally in a school or college setting
•       International experience a plus
•       Second language (Mandarin) a plus

Education: Bachelor’s degree required

How to Apply
To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to Julia Volynsky at juliav@school-one.org
Deadline to apply is June 7, 2013