Thursday, April 3, 2014

4/7: Islamic and Mediterranean Studies Events (Yes, there are connections to Chinese studies here!)

Please see the note below from Alex Magidow, Asst. Prof. of Arabic, about events on Monday:

Almost all of the languages taught in our department have intimate connections to the Arabic and Islamic world.  There is a strong influence of Arabic on Spanish language and culture and there are intimate connections between France and North Africa. In Italy, an Islamic Emirate ruled Sicily from 825-1091. In China, there are important Muslim minorities and beautiful mosques with traditional Chinese architecture, and lots of trade with the Arab world. Even students of Classics may want to find out more about the important role Muslim scholars in interpreting Greek philosophy, mathematics and medicine. 

Dear Students!

Next week, on Monday, April 7th, we will be having two events to give students a chance to learn more about the new Islamic and Mediterranean Studies Program. There will be FREE FOOD, Middle Eastern Music, and a chance to meet Professors Alex (Arabic), Katrin (Political Science and Philosophy) and Alan (History) to learn more about their new classes and about how you can minor in Islamic and Mediterranean Studies. There will also be there students from those classes, so you can get the scoop directly from them!

Islamic Studies Meet and Greet: Join us from 11:30-1:30 in the Memorial Union in Atrium II for free hummus, baba ghanoush, falafal and grape leaves, along with music, informational posters and a chance to meet the professors.

Pre-Reception for Thomas Jefferson's Quran: From 3:00-4:00 in the Swan Hall Atrium, join us for even more free food (you can't get enough hummus!) and more chances to learn about the Islamic and Mediterranean Studies program.

Also, please join us at 4:00 for the Humanities Center's 20th Anniversary event featuring Denise Spellberg from the University of Texas at Austin talking about Thomas Jefferson's Quran and what this tells us about the birth of the US.

For more information on the Islamic and Mediterranean Studies program, please see:
For information on the talk about Jefferson's Quran, and a chance to reserve a seat, please see:

Alex Magidow