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ILF Civic Fellowship Accepting Asian Pacific American Student Applications for 2015 新聞稿 - 國際領袖基金會宣布2015年暑期公共事務實習計劃

If you are an Asian Pacific American and are interested in public service, please consider applying for a ILF Civic Fellowship to intern in a federal agency in Washington, D.C. for 8-10 weeks during the summer. Information on the program is in both Chinese and English below.

國際領袖基金會 宣布 2015 年暑期 公共事務實習計劃

國際領袖基金會 (International Leadership Foundation) 2015 年度「暑期公共事務實習計劃」報名開始。
國際領袖基金會每年暑期都會選拔約 30 名傑出的亞太裔大學生 , 前往華盛頓首都的聯邦政府機構,白宮 、及 國會 實習 參加十個星期的公共事務實習計劃。 2015 年暑期公共事務實習計劃,現在開始接受報名,報名截止日期為 2015 年 2 月 1 日止。被選入此計劃的學生,還將在週末期間,參加國會山莊的領袖才能研討會,學習發展人際關係的技巧,從中學習對美國政府系統最有價 值 和第一手的知識。暑期公共事務實習計劃費用由基金會承擔,學生們需自付旅行及食宿費用,但可獲得基金會 $2000 元的資助。公共事務實習計劃申請者資格,需為亞太裔大學本科生學生,具美國公民身份,擁有 3.0 及以上的 GPA 成績。需要了解更多信息或提交申請,請 查 詢 。 國際領袖基金會在提升亞太裔社區參與公共服務方面有傑出的記錄。亞太裔社區需要在政府中有更大的代表性,因此,希望訓練新一代在他們各自領域中成為成功的領袖,從而提升亞太裔社區的聲音和能見度。
爲達成這一目標,國際領袖基金會舉辦的公共事務實習計劃,將會把參與該計劃的學生,安置到十數個聯邦政府機構,甚至有機會到位置極為有限的白宮,為希望體驗及了解政府 內 部運作的年輕亞太裔年 輕學生提供強化的訓練,以有效提升他們的領袖才能。 2014 年的公共事務實習學生進入 10 個聯邦政府部門、 16 個辦公室(其中包括國務院、國防部、商務部等)進行 8 個星期的實習,公共事務實習學生達 30 位之多 ,白宮連續第 5 年從國際領袖基金會中挑選實習生 。
本會還為過千名美國亞太裔,特別是華裔大學生提供獎學金和領袖訓練。 2014 有超過 200 名傑出大學生參加基金會各項計劃,還有超過 150 名傑出美國亞太裔學生參加由國際領袖基金會和「美國亞裔領袖訓練會 (CAPAL) 」合辦的培訓項目「美國華府領導人才研討會」,依日程分別舉辦不同性質及 內 容的「領袖人才培訓及講習」活動。
本會執行長董繼玲 說 “ 國際領袖基金會以教導亞裔未來的領袖如何進入美國主流社會 , 促進美國亞裔參與公共服務為宗旨,了解如何為我們社區爭取最大權益 ” 。 本會安排每個公共事務青年學者到美國聯邦政府各行政部門正式實習,了解美國國會、白宮的運作及政策發展;並表揚亞裔傑出楷模獎,組團拜訪國會及政府各部會,以提升美國亞裔權益;推展國際交流計劃,企業與領袖高峰論壇,提供國際青年領袖人才培訓,讓來自亞太地區國家與美國的優秀企業及社區領袖、青年學員,彼此互相研討國際事務,共創未來,形成全球青年領袖社群。
著名亞太裔領袖,前聯邦勞工部部長趙小蘭女士為國際領袖基金會名譽理事長,前交通部長豐田先生則為基金會名譽主席。全美分會會長包括林美蓮 ( 舊金山 ),   劉馨儀   ( 洛杉磯 ),    孔慶超 ( 底特律 ),   傅惠芬 ( 芝加哥 ) ,   李學海 ( 紐約 ),    黄國清 ( 華盛頓 DC ) , 伯尼莊麗香 ( 休斯頓 ),   嚴培達 ( 奧蘭多 ) ,   鄭漢城 ( 邁 阿密) , 葉超 , 吳 子平 ( 新英格蘭 ), 吳 小燕 ( 西雅圖 ) ,   Anila Ali ( 橙縣 ) , 簡衛 ( 亞特蘭大 ) 等 , 其他榮譽會長和委員會主委包括孫陳小鳴 ,   吳 來蘇 ,   許文忠 ,   陳鈞亞 ,   趙惠普 ,   沈郭逸媛 ,   羅維宗 等。

ILF Civic Fellowship Accepting Asian Pacific American Student Applications for 2015

The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) is pleased to announce that the application process for the 2015 Civic Fellowship Program is open and ongoing until February 1, 2015. Every year, ILF’s selection committee identifies approximately 30 outstanding Asian Pacific American (APA) college students to spend eight to ten weeks interning at a federal agency in Washington D.C. during the summer.
Students accepted into the program are known as Civic Fellows and will receive a stipend of 2,000 dollars. In addition, they will attend weekly leadership seminars on Capitol Hill, learn networking skills and gain valuable, firsthand working knowledge of the American system of government. Fellows are responsible for their own travel, housing and living expenses.

“ILF has a stellar record of advocating for increased civic engagement and public service from the APA community,” said Chiling Tong, ILF’s Chief Executive Officer. “We need a greater representation of our community in government, and ILF’s goal is to train a new generation of successful leaders in their chosen fields and raise our community’s profile as engaged, American citizens who deserve to have our voices heard.”
Based on the interests and majors of selected Civic Fellowship candidates, ILF will work to place them with over a dozen federal agencies, as well as limited placements in congressional offices and the White House. “The ILF works hard to foster bright young APA youth who wish to experience the inner workings behind this great country’s national government, and provides effective training classes to enhance leadership skills,” said Norman Mineta, former Secretary of Transportation. Mr. Mineta is also the honorary chairman of ILF, while the Honorable Elaine Chao serves as honorary chairwoman.

Undergraduate students of APA heritage who are United States citizens and possess a GPA of 3.0 and above are eligible for this fellowship. Applications must be submitted by February 1, 2015. To learn more or submit an application, visit

About ILF

The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) has promoted the civic awareness, public service, and economic prosperity of the Asian Pacific American (APA) community as a non-profit organization. Our mission is to develop young leaders in the United States, Asia, and Pacific Rim countries in the fields of public affairs, entrepreneurship and international relations through a network of business and community leaders. ILF has a network of national advisory boards and global advisory councils in 15 cities and two continents, comprised of professional, civic and business leaders. Since its founding in 2000, ILF has provided scholarships and leadership training for thousands of talented APA college students from across the country.