Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Foreign Language Honor Society

The University of Rhode Island's Chi Chi Chapter of PHI SIGMA IOTA (international foreign language honors society) is now accepting applications for membership from candidates who meet the qualifications listed below:

*Undergraduate students:*

1. Major or minor in a foreign language, classics, linguistics, or comparative literature;

2. Completion of at least one 200-level language course;

3. Second-semester sophomore standing or beyond;

4. Minimum QPA of 3.00, both overall and in the major or minor.

*Graduate students:*

1. Completion of at least one semester of foreign language graduate work

2. Minimum QPA of 3.50 in all graduate courses

*Languages Faculty:*

1. Minimum experience of one academic year of teaching at URI

Contact Megan Echevarria at for an application, which you will need to submit along with an updated unofficial transcript and a check for $37.00 (payable to Megan Echevarria--returned if the candidate does not qualify) to Prof. Megan Echevarria, Languages, as soon as possible and not later than Monday, February 25, 2013. 

An initiation ceremony will take place in April. Details to follow.